Maintenence Kits & Spare parts

Ametsis develops and produces maintenance kits and spare parts for all type of brake devices and manufacturers, focusing our goal in the three pillars that our clients demand:

  • The quality of the Components
  • The Lead Time
  • The Final Sale Price

Maintenence Equipment & Test Benches (Automatic, Semi-auto & Manual)

Ametsis designs and builds test benches for all applications, from appliances and equipment to complete brake systems.

Manual, semi-automatic and automatic, benches for factory tests on vehicles either railroad cars, locomotives or compositions (subway, High Speed, etc.).

Our knowledge of brake systems allows us to offer the best solutions and adapt them to the needs of customers, optimizing the cost of the benches with the features required for testing and tuning of equipment and braking systems.

Along with benches it is delivered both descriptive and functional documentation the same as testing and implementation about equipment rehearsing, adapting the original documentation provided by the client when they are not equipment of Ametsis, to the built bench.

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