15 Years of History

Back in 2004, Mr. Miguel Ángel Martín Jiménez founded AMETSIS. After more than 35 years of experience in railway safety performance in one of the largest companies in the sector at international level, and having acquired for that time global and detailed knowledge of the needs of the sector, he decided to disassociate from this company in order to create a new company with claim to respond to the needs that recently have been generated in the sector as a result of centralization almost monopolist technology braking throughout the world in general and particularly in Europe in large organizations, and more specifically, in Spain.


His technological knowledge conformed AMETSIS and the new professional staff, led my Mr. Martín Jiménez, is one of the most important companies in this sector. 



Our business volume has increased reaching a €3.5 million EUROS average billing over the last three financial years. Ametsis turnover keeps increasing.

We have a staff of 31 and continue hiring: 14 hold higher educational certificates (engineers and graduates) while the rest hold high preparation and the best technical knowledge.

We work with more than 50 suppliers providing at all levels: from the supply of machining to those elements shaping the brake systems.

WE WORK FOR Spanish customers, who use our equipment, spare parts, engineering and our training services such as RENFE – Metro de Madrid – Metro Roma – Metro Milano – Metro Mexico  Algiers Metro - Bilbao Metro - Pittsburgh Metro, among others and builders such as TALGO, CAF, SIEMENS, ALSTOM, BOMBARDIER, STADLER, HAITAI, among others.

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