Derailment Detector UIC 541-08

Derailment Detectors SICODE & SICODE-EP + Bearing Temperature Detector DTR
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SICODE for control of cars goes beyond the requirements of the UIC tab, because it complies the requirements, as well as it allows that after a derailment of any vehicle and the emergency brake application in the composition, the derailed car does not slow down.

Also, the EP model allows its application to vehicles which do not have pipe TFA (automotive, electrical or diesel units, subway, etc.)

Although undoubtedly railway is one of the safer modes of transport, it is impossible to completely exclude occurrence of derailments.

Ametsis in response to the concerns about rail safety showing, both the public and the railway authorities has developed device SICODE, which reduces the maximum possible the potentially serious consequences of a derailment when it is not detected on time. This device detects reliably and quickly any vehicle derailment, allowing the quick emergency brake application, minimizing the impact that incidence could have, on both persons and goods transported, the own rolling stock or track infrastructure. The SICODE Security device was born as an analyzed need from several points of view:

  • Rail safety: Safety for people, but also for vehicles and infrastructure.
  • Traffic guarantee: guarantee of movement, time and quality of people and goods.
  • Unemployed profits decline: both decreasing costs of repair of roads as generating a greater guarantee of traffic.

The SICODE is a mechanic-pneumatic device with a built-in inertial detector installed in all cars and passenger cars as part of any towed composition and particular conditions on self-propelled, trains when they are towed without battery. It can be used both to installations UIC as AAR interchangeably.

It is applicable both for new vehicles as in service, without introducing any changes in the rest of the braking system installed, except for connections to TFA or C pipes.

Specifically, knowing since long time ago systems based on inertial detector, that when a derailment is detected, it is fired, rapidly emptying TFA automatic brake pipe, and causing the implementation of emergency brake of the composition, which shall act on all cars including one or those who have suffered the derailment.

Such systems, however, have an important problem, as it is the fact that by applying the brakes in all vehicles of the composition as a result of the derailment, also on the derailed vehicle, the wheels of these vehicles along with the rest of vehicles, remain braking, making difficult the movement, with the drawback of that to move derailed vehicles by the ballast and the cross beams are induces even more if possible the interlocking of them, increasing damage to Rails and wheels and compromising the security of the rest of the composition, that this fact can cause the derailment of other vehicles or including the rollover of any of them.

With the SICODE as a result of removing the brake of the derailed cars, it avoids harmful consequences above.

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