Rotary Compressor CRC

Range of rotary compressors groups type A-CRC that AMETSIS can offer is applicable for all kind of railway vehicles: subways, locomotives, diesel vehicles (hydraulic, electric), etc., both for the air flow required for installation, as by type of motor and coupling.


AMETSIS rotary compressors groups for rail vehicles are based on the experience of our designs in the industry, with more than 50 years of implementation and fully satisfactory results both reliability and availability.

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Compact Twin Chamber Air Dryer ASA

One of the basic components in any system of production and processing of air is the air dryer. Ametsis has developed an air dryer of two columns based on the principle of adsorption dryer and built in a modular way.


Modular, compact and flexible dryer design allows installation in confined spaces adapted to the needs of any vehicle.


The system consists of a central plate on which are mounted all the components, allowing a fast and inexpensive maintenance.

Download Brochure: Compact Twin Chamber Dryer Air ASA
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Air Supply Unit ASU: Production & Treatment of Compressed Air

Within the range of products we offer, both to the constructor of rail vehicles (for assembling new and retrofits) as the end user, we have all necessary components to supply of the air production equipment, mounted on a pipe (scattered) or mounted on a rack.

Among the key components to highlight are the rotary compressor group type A-CRC and dryer type A-SA.

Development and manufacture of all equipment has had the latest design, as well as the necessary technical support in order to guarantee the correct operation and maximum reliability of all our teams.

Our flexibility allows us to offer the customer within shortest time possible:

1.- Custom-made Equipment, according to required technical needs and the demands of the operating environment (high temperatures, high humidity, under cycle of work, etc.)

2.- The possibility of incorporating external equipment such as controls with local or remote command in a single rack.

Auxiliary Equipment & Accessories

  1. Air & Oil Filters
  2. Safety Valves
  3. Air Reservoirs
  4. Sensors: Pressure, Temperature & Flow
  5. Electronic for Control & Monitoring
  6. Pneumatic Hoses
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