Universal Brake Distributor Valve DFA-VQ


Universal Brake Distributor according to UIC 541-03 & EN 15355

Equalizing function available.

Temperature range: -50 / 70 ºC

Compact and light design:

Weight 10kg (basic configuration)

Volume of the control air chamber 1l

Electro-pneumatic Brake Systems: Manifolds designed to any type of Vehicle

One of the requirements of the constructor is the ease of mounting of all elements in the vehicle. The replacement in most vehicles, of dispersed devices along the pneumatic installation, except for panelizing components, allows that all of them are grouped, mounted on an aluminum plate and a common electrical wiring, gives the equipment not only ease of assembly (using a pneumatic connections socket and an air connector), but also simplicity in the maintenance and accessibility of substitution, assembly and disassembly, during maintenance operations.

Ametsis has given the diversity in the development of its components, making that these can be mounted both pipe (for retrofits, wagons or replacement of vehicles with some antique pieces) as in aluminum plates.

In a single panel can have several subsystems, both brake control and assistants:

  • Distribution panel for compressed air.
  • Full panel command and direct and automatic brake control along with auxiliary control.
  • Auxiliary for retrofits panel.

SICODE Derailment Detector UIC 541-08

The derailment detector SICODE, patented by Ametsis and certified according to UIC 541-08, supports various configurations: AAR freight wagons, rail cars, EMUs, DMUs, etc, of any railway operation.

Electronic for Brake Control

Ametsis is immersed in the development of an electronic system for control and command, both automatic brakes and direct brake as well as control anti-speed up and anti-slip, in this case according to UIC.

Electronics for integration into the common systems of communication buses has its application both in electronic centralized "master" as distributed "slaves".

Having under his control all the parameters, both brake (direct, automatic and blending), as the production of air, anti-slip, sandbox, etc., and having control troubleshooting and Diagnostics.

Download Brochure: Electronic Control RIM - HERMES
Electronic Control RIM - HERMES.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [4.4 MB]



The Super-Direct brake for railway vehicles developed by Ametsis, is aimed at the simplification of the conventional direct break system, reducing its weight, size (to be more compact) and number of components without any loss of safety or functionality, reducing maintenance costs and increasing the rate of reliability by reducing the probability of failures in the system as well as significant energy savings.

All these advantages translate into a braking system more secure, reliable, fast response and at a lower cost

Download Brochure: Super-Direct Brake System
SD Brake System.pdf
Documento Adobe Acrobat [3.2 MB]



Train (A-VET-P) emergency valve ensures fast braking and secure automatic brake systems (TFA), rapidly emptying the TFA pipe.

This valve installed in the loop of urgency, is controlled both by the train Control (ASFA-LZB, etc.) as dead man system.

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