Products and Services: Highest Quality Guaranteed by Ametsis 

We make available in the railway market 20,000 references: to be used for end customers in Ametsis equipment and to the provision of preventive maintenance elements (kits) and valves.

AMETSIS provides solutions meeting our customers and clients needs, collaborating with both of them in the development of both new products and the rehabilitation of existing equipment, providing ad hoc solutions for test benches and staff training.

The high reliability of our products and services based on knowledge and experience in railway safety systems make Ametsis a reference company for the supervision and tuning of all brake systems of all kinds of trains: towed vehicles, EMUS and DEMUS units, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and both pneumatic / hydraulic equipment.

Thanks to our 15 years of know-how and experience, demanding quality control process and a particular focus in R&D we can offer this wide range of Ametsis products and services: we can supply any type of train with complete brake systems: both pneumatic, hydraulic and electro / pneumatic.


Ametsis offers a great range of products and services for the railway sector. In all of them our commitment is the design and product development adapted to the conditions and needs of the market.

Summary of our Products:

Summary of our Services:

  • Safety & Braking Systems Engineering
  • Railways Technical Consultancy
  • Ad-hoc Developments
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